Hey There!
My name is Jodi Kolpakov.
I am a visual communicator, educator, and foodie, based in St. Louis, Missouri. I like making all kinds of things, from zines to animations to caricatures, and even fine art paintings— It keeps my practice exciting and fresh.
I graduated with a BFA from Webster University in Graphic Design in 2018 and an MFA in Illustration & Visual Culture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2022. I currently work as an educator and freelancer, and I specialize in illustration, caricatures, and digital media.
My personal work centers around narratives, often reflecting on time, place, and culture. I often focus on themes of rural midwestern towns, my personal relationship with them, and their effect on society. I also like to research Soviet themes and their influence on visual culture. My style tends to be sketchy, exaggerated and illustrated through exploratory color and a humorous lens.
Outside of art-making, you can find me singing karaoke, going antique shopping, or practicing my Russian (which I am still not very good at). Say hi on Instagram at @sloppyjodi!
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